Bomberman R

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Bomberman R

So it happened and yes it was big! The Nintendo Switch is finally in our hands and I must say its very good. Not world shattering good but based on the fact I played it in bed for a good 4 hours last night its actually pretty awesome, I highly recommend it for all sorts but mostly the best thing about it has to be mobility. So Bomberman R , well its a Super Bomberman game! It’s fast and fun and in fact very pretty. Its not serious or time consuming, it’s just a all out pick up and play game that this day in age we are lacking. Developed by Konami and HexaDrive this is the first Bomberman game in over half a decade and its out to support its 33rd Anniversary. That’s Crazy! 33 years of Bomberman is cool and for this reviewer who remembers the original it also makes you feel very old.

The switch is pretty and it gives this game a nice rounded edge, the graphics are bright and powerful on the little screen and then come to life on your TV. The aim of the game is to blow up enemies by planting bombs in there path in a maze like setting and thats pretty much the cut and thrust of it. There is a small story mode with a sometimes hard to follow narrative but all in all its blow the guys up next to you, BOOM!

This is the first multiplayer game for the Switch and it also does that well and I must admit four player online is where this game really works. Its fast and enjoyable and will quite happily help you get through a few hours with out even knowing it. This game isn’t a world changer but it doesn’t have to be,  in a world of over produced story driven dark games it’s sometimes nice to have a new take on a old retro classic to just pass the time and have some fun.

The Good

  • Its Bomberman
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay

The Bad

  • Story

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