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So I feel extremely late to a very over crowded party, it’s like the spring break affair and everyone is drunk and you just knocked off the late shift at the 7/11 and your sober. But oh well let’s still try and review a 3 year old game on the merit of actually playing a heck of a lot of it and enjoying most of it. Destiny was Bungie’s flagship for the next gen market! A 10 year plan or so the internet told us. Ships, Planets and your own characters to explore an all out space war, four races fighting to take hold of our ever expanding solar system. My oh my is it a hard slog to make sure Earth is secure, or Mars is no longer held by the dreaded Colbalt race.

Yes Destiny is a grind fest, mission after mission of go find this or go kill this. After a while it does all seem to blend into one big mission with a very lose story playing out in between. I’m not going to reinvent the wheel here and tell it as it has been written many places before this review by far better reviewers than yours truly. So ill let one of them tell that:

The setting, about 700 years in the future, follows a prosperous period of exploration, peace, and technological advancement known as the Golden Age. In a universe where humans have spread out and colonized planets in the Solar System, an event known as “the Collapse” saw the mysterious dissolution of these colonies, the end of the Golden Age, and mankind teetering on the brink of extinction. The only known survivors of the Collapse are those living on Earth, who were saved by “the Traveler”, a white, spherical celestial body whose appearance centuries before had enabled humans to reach the stars.  The Collapse was caused by a mysterious force called the Darkness, an ancient enemy of the Traveler that plagues the galaxy. The Traveler now hovers above the last safe city on Earth, simply called The Last City that is surrounded by a massive Wall, and its presence allows the Guardians — the defenders of the City — the ability to wield an unknown power, only referred to as “Light”. The player takes on the role of a Guardian, and is tasked with reviving the Traveler while investigating and destroying alien threats before humanity is completely wiped out. Destiny centers on the journey of the Guardians, the last defenders of humanity, set to protect Earth’s last city.

Upon mankind’s first attempt to repopulate and reconstruct after the Collapse, it is discovered that hostile alien races have occupied mankind’s former colonies and civilizations, and are now encroaching upon the City. Throughout the game, players have to combat aggressive aliens who have occupied the Solar System. Just like the Light for the Guardians, the Darkness lends powers to these alien threats. There are five separate races in the game, each occupying different planets. The Fallen are an insectoid race of nomadic pirates who scavenge ruined settlements on Earth, the Moon, and Venus for resources. The Hive are a macabre race of ancient aliens who have created massive underground settlements beneath Earth and the Moon’s surface. The Vex are semi-organic androids who are attempting to seize control of Venus and Mars by turning them into their machines, which they have already done to Mercury. The Cabal are a military-industrial empire of massive amphibians who have established massive fortifications on Mars. The Taken, a new race introduced in The Taken King, are corrupted versions of regular enemies, who infest areas on every planet. Rise of Iron added a new faction of Fallen called the Devil Splicers, which are Fallen who have been modified by a technological plague called SIVA. They are found on Earth in a zone outside of the Wall called the Plaguelands. – Source Wiki

See I could never tell it that in depth. But what I can say and its surprising is just how good this game is. Now its not earth shattering good, like a Half Life but its certainly a Grand Theft Auto good. In a world where games are just like hollywood and every one loves a reboot or Remaster its nice to have a new story , new characters and a in depth try at a MMO on a console and thats exactly what Bungie have all but accomplished with Destiny. A decent stab at a MMO shooter for the modern age on a next gen console.

PVP is a clone all but with different names of the Call of Duty model and with a few extra tweaks, it works very well and has a nice steady pace to it. The PVE is where this game shines in places with plenty to do and plenty to see, the graphics are awesome on the consoles and they have made the planets come to life. Its a joy to stand back and just gaze out across the martian landscape.

Destiny if it has a 10 year plan will be a great adventure and if it doesnt and year two is where it stops there is enough content with a stunning price tag to match to have this game in any collection.

The Good

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Custom Characters

The Bad

  • Glitchy in places
  • Not enough enemies
  • Wait times for PVP

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