Gravity Rush

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Gravity Rush

I have to admit something here, yep! I’m a late bloomer to the PS Vita and I have so much to get through and I’ll be quite frank some games are just pick up and put down handheld titles but there are a few that are drawing me in to play and I can’t seem to put them down. Gravity Rush is certainly one of those titles, developed by SCE Japan Studio and Project Siren and hitting the market in 2012 this little gem of a title takes us on the journey of ‘Kat’ waking up on the floating city of Hekseville alongside a mysterious cat she names Dusty. When Kat saves a young boy from being swept up in a gravity storm she also discovers that she has the ability to manipulate how she affects her. She is called a Shifter and after bumping into Syd she receives her name and the story starts.

The game play aspect here is perfect, the game uses the PSVita perfectly and on the OLED 1000 the game looks and plays stunning. The game itself was directed by Keiichiro Toyama who would be known to most as the brains behind Silent Hill and Siren, he stated that the concept for Gravity Rush more than ten years before its eventual release, saying its the first game he wanted to develop and it also pre dates Silent Hill. A more enhanced version the game came out in 2015 for PS4 in Europe, US and Japan.

The graphics are stunning, it has a cell shading style and looks beautiful. The way the world falls around you as you float through the air, press O and your environment floats effortlessly up as you head to the skies. Kat is a loving character, you buy into her story and the world she has taken under her wing.



The Good

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Control System

The Bad

  • Length

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