Mass Effect: Andromeda

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Battlefield One looked stunning on the frostbite engine, Fifa even had its moments but here we are with a brand new game on this wonderful graphics engine which according to EA will make any game look great. But Bioware have actually managed to screw it up, ladies and gentlemen welcome to Mass Effect Andromeda the worst looking Next-Gen outing I have actually seen. The forth title in the Mass Effect series, the game begins in the milky way during the 22nd century. Humanity is planning to populate ew home worlds in the Andromeda Galaxy as part of a strategy to boldly go where no human has gone before and find a new home. You play as either Scott or Sara Ryder, an inexperienced military recruit who joins up and floats in space on a 600 year journey.

The forth instalment has a more lighter side than is previous outings and focuses more on open world and exploration. Many traditional gameplay elements still remain whilst others that the player may be familiar with have been modified, such as combat, which is less cover-based and more mobile. So where is the issues? I can hear you scream from all the way over here! Well my fellow game players the problem is and like many other EA titles, the game simply feels unfinished.  The opening sequence of interaction videos are so buggy and feel like a 10 year old coded the whole thing. Jumpy graphics, lost frames and the worst voice to lip movement you have ever seen, I promise early N64 games have better face modules.

Before I decided to write this review I look around at other news and so articles to find the token EA press release of “We are rolling out fixes” or “The game will be patched” and it needs it. Yet again EA has put out a piss poor effort, yet again we are paying huge amounts of money for games that require DLC or Bug fixes, that on inserting the disk 3 days after release you have to patch a 2gb file just to start the thing up. I’m sure many of you are fine with that but for me it’s simply a joke. Some of the best games ever made never required no patch and certainly didn’t require a 27.5gb blu ray disk to have the game require further updating and patching.

What could have been here is something quite spectacular and what we have is sub par and pretty awful. In the days of Zelda and Horizon Zero Dawn games really need to step up to create an immersive world worth actually wanting to play in and needing a reason to do so. Mass Effect does none of those things, what it does it set you up and knock you down pretty easy within 10 mins of playing. By all means buy the game and wait for the “update” or the “Patch” but why should we have to. If the game is not finished just don’t release it! You hear me EA! Don’t release it!

The Good

  • What could have been

The Bad

  • Graphics
  • Story Telling
  • Just another EA game

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