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Minecraft is dangerous. You can sit down to a new randomly generated world for a quick session only to snap out of the creative haze many hours later to realize you’ve forgotten about the outside world. There’s always just one more cave to explore, one more mob to kill or one more building to build.

The ability to build and play a world to your liking is powerfully addictive, and this indie-developed sandbox game holds an immense level of depth. Once Minecraft sinks its hooks into you, it won’t let go!

The unique crafting system at the heart of Minecraft’s gameplay is a huge part of what makes the game so enjoyable.

You can play With unlimited blocks, instant access to every item, one-hit destruction, and the ability to fly at will, playing God in Creative mode offers a more relaxed way to build and play. Alternatively Survival mode blends building and adventuring, and it’s where the most fun is at; whether you play solo or with friends. Then, there’s The Nether–a hell-like alternate dimension riddled with danger that is accessed by crafting a portal out of rare materials.

It doesn’t matter which mode you play, one of Minecraft’s biggest draws is the way it encourages creativity. The games world is built very much like a giant Lego set, and you can destroy or add to the environment in any way you like.

The Good

  • Exploration
  • Gameplay
  • Endless Activities

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