New Little Kings Story

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New Little Kings Story

New Little King’s story is a hybrid, its not quite a team builder and its not quite a JRPG. It kind of sits in the middle of the two and what it does it actually does very very well. In the game you play as King Corobo, with his charm and control you issue various commands to your follows as you try and rebuild your empire. You start in a very cluttered field and start to explore and rebuild Alpoko, such activities include treasure hunting and fighting. Within a short amount of time you are able to purchase and institute various buildings, training facilities, and other castle commodities. All such things as population, growth and gold are all tracked to help you grow the kingdom the best you can. Thats the builder part of this game sorted!

The JRPG aspect is as all of the above is going on there is actually a very nice story line playing out in the background. Alpoko is only a small portion of the world which you explore and in order to advance the plot you must collect valuable treasure, bounties and conquer seven rival kingdoms. Nice right!

The graphics on the Vita look great and the control system works very well, it’s a happy game and if like me you sit down and play on the Vita TV I will safely assume hours go by without even noticing. The instructions that play out are a little annoying at times but they do work after you figure it out. The gameplay sometimes can very much feel like a grind but if you are playing on the portable its great for journeys to pick up and play a little.

I found the Vita version to be better than both the Wii and PC versions and this game is very much a staple of my vita collection. It wont change the world or be a genre defining game but it’s fun and friendly and worth at least one play through.



The Good

  • Control System
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay

The Bad

  • Instructions are confusing
  • Can become long winded at points

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