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Tut tut Overwatch you dirty little devil, where did you manage to pop up on me from? Your  beautiful little gem of a game with no real reason why you should be, yet your so addictive.

That was my little note to this game, but it didn’t start out that way, oh no it started out a lot worse. I heard about the game way back when it was announced, I’m a WoW vet what can I say. Overwatch in concept puts players into two teams of six, with each player selecting a hero with a unique class. Each hero fits into one of four categories, DPS, Tank, Blocker or Healer, each team of six must then work together to defeat the other team in a number of different objectives.  Each player will gain progression by levelling up and unlocking various skins, poses and other customizations.  When the Beta arrived I played and I must say I didn’t actually like it, it had nothing for me. I was locked into Blizzard games solely , WoW, Heroes of Storm and Diablo but this did nothing.

So not long ago I was in my local game shop Game On and picked up a copy just to give it a go. I even picked up a version for my brother and I started to play and again felt that nagging doubt I had when I played the Beta, the doubt of why am I actually playing this game, what am I getting from it. The answer to start with was actually nothing, no story, no campaign, no real progression or need to level up. This sounds so bad, right? But then I get online with my brother for the first time and pick up Tracer and decide to go for it like we would in a dungeon on WoW.

He picks up a Tank and I take Mercy , a healer and go nuts. I keep him alive and he tanks the hell out of the other group and Bang! there is the reason this game is awesome! Its fun, its creative, no two games are the same and no two groups work the same. Its a pure graphic delight, the colors and character design is awesome. The environments are perfect and play so nicely, see a window , shoot it out! It really plays great, yeah there is a lack of story but this day in age not many games focus on that anyway. There is nothing here you can’t obtain from just playing, yeah there are Micro Transactions but you don’t need to buy them. Just learn a few heroes and just have some fun.

This game will be around forever, it will be played world wide for a long time and for me Blizzard can not do any wrong and this is a purely great game to add to there stable.

The Good

  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Enviroments
  • Heroes
  • Community

The Bad

  • Lack of story
  • Progression

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