Resident Evil 7

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Resident Evil 7 Review

In its current form, Resident Evil 7 is a spectacular game, without a doubt one of the best horror games available. You can see a resemblance between Resident Evil 7 and Outlast with the First Person Horror Aspect which truly terrifies the player giving the huge sense of immersion.

One thing that always stays true to the franchise is that ammunition is always scarce. The lack of ammunition might sound frustrating, however it adds to the survival side of the game forcing the player to carefully choose where and when to shoot.

VR Support is one of the most interesting things that Capcom have bought to the series, it adds even more immersion and is truly terrifying with every jump scare, monster and boss battle in the game.

With the latest instalment of the franchise, Resident Evil certainly goes back to its roots, it adds a real sense of Survival horror which i believe is unmatched by any other company.

The Good

  • Horrifying
  • Graphics
  • VR Support

The Bad

  • Slow Movement

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