Rise of the Tomb Raider

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Rise of the Tomb Raider

Its a bleak world in gaming right now, with massive multiplayer games hitting the market! One by one they fall and some Esport is created and everyone things they are god like at the said game, pulling in such wonderful mods or Micro-transaction to prove once and for all they are the best around. Its like a pool of games all doing exactly the same thing and yet we focus all our energy to be better on the new one than the last. So when games come out that are story driven tales of adventure they are sometimes over looked or far worse,  looked at to see what multiplayer aspects come float along with the game. But thank god Lara is different, thank god after the first rebooted outing Square Enix have just pilled all there resource into a immense, beautiful and emotional story that takes you around the globe in search of treasure.

One year after the events of Tomb Raider, young archaeologist Lara Croft is struggling to explain her experience of the supernatural on Yamatai and appears to be suffering from post traumatic stress disorder due to her having to kill to survive on the island. Looking for answers, she turns to her late father’s research into the lost city of Kitezh and the promise of immortality. Her father’s partner Ana attempts to warn her off as his obsession with Kitezh drove him to ruin and suicide. Lara ignores her and organises an expedition to Syria, hoping to uncover the tomb of the Prophet of Constantinople, a key figure in the legend of Kitezh. Although successful, the tomb is empty, and Lara is interrupted by Trinity—an ancient order of knights that now exists as a paramilitary organization investigating the supernatural—and their leader Konstantin. As she flees, Lara discovers a symbol etched into the tomb that she links to a book on Russian religious history in her father’s study. A Trinity assassin steals the book, prompting Lara and her friend Jonah to give chase in Siberia. When the two are separated after an avalanche, Lara is forced to go on alone.

It all sounds delightful and is action packed to give you a great and perfect story to play through. The story paces very well and the level design is breath taking at times with lighting added such a dynamic to the adventure. The Voice Acting is perfect and the character models look great, even in times of crisis you can really feel the pain behind Lara’s eyes. This game is a testament to older times when games where just stories that needed to be told, when Multiplayer didn’t exist and you just needed a Joypad and time to immerse yourself in a new world full of wonder and delight.

Play this game! Enjoy this game and marvel in the world of Lara Croft!

The Good

  • Graphics
  • Story
  • Gameplay
  • Controls
  • Lara Croft

The Bad

  • Nothing

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