Super Stardust Ultra VR

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Super Stardust Ultra VR

Super Stardust is a given for any new bit of Playstation hardware and when the VR hit the market that trend certainly did not stop. Ever since Housemarque developed the arcade shooter Super Stardust HD we have had some various incarnation on every Sony console. The PSP, The Vita and the Playstation 4 have all had their game libraries graced with the presence of this little shooter and now the VR gets in on the mix.

But does this version have the right to call itself a VR game or is it even any different to any other Super Stardust version? Well yes it certainly is a Super Stardust game and I guess it is a virtual reality affair but and this is quite a big but! It’s not until you explore the menu and game modes do you actually find the VR game itself. The main game you first get drawn to is in essence Super Stardust smack bang and up close., so to be honest there really isn’t anything new to see here and its just pretty much the same game as before.  If you are so inclined to do so have a look at the Trophy List because if you already own Super Stardust Ultra you should see a few shiny little gems already there. Why I hear you ask, well its because its just an updated version for the VR.

But why should you buy this new VR version? Well honestly its Invasion mode, that is where its at and thats where you sit in your cockpit and have a very immerse experience driving  you Lemmings decorated spacecraft kicking the hell out of various enemies in an array of rounds to achieve a high score. I guess there are a few questions that need answering:

  • Is it perfect? Not really
  • Is it fun? yeah it is for about 10 minutes
  • Good Graphics? Yeah they are OK
  • Will it change the world? NO!

What this game is and typically with new hardware they all have one of these, it’s a bundle game or a cheap game that allows you to jump in and play what you have just bought and have a little bit of fun doing so. It certainly doesn’t show off what the VR can really do but it gives you enough to see what other games might offer you in the future.

You will find this game in the bargain bin and it will be worth giving it a shot but I would rush out and spend a fortune on it.


The Good

  • VR First
  • Gameplay is fun
  • New modes

The Bad

  • Same old song and dance
  • Nothing new to see here

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