Fortnite Update 4.3 out now

Fortnite: Battle Royale continues to pump out updates very frequently, and now developers Epic Games have added there first vehicle in the means of a shopping cart. The carts come as part of Fortnite’s new 4.3 update, which is out now on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile. Shopping Carts

Pokemon is coming to Nintendo Switch

Okay everybody, the day has arrived, its official; Pokemon will arrive on the Nintendo Switch in November of this year. In a surprise announcement made by Nintendo they revealed the title of the game(s) as well as a trailer (which can be seen below). Pokemon Lets GO: Pikachu & Pokemon

Battlefield returns to World War 2

In Battlefield V, developer DICE has returned to World War II. The campaign mode takes inspiration from Battlefield 1, putting players through “War Stories” which are missions that each focus on individual characters. For all of you battle royale lovers out there, there isn’t, unfortunately, a battle royale mode. Not

Crash Coming To New Platforms Early

The famous Bandicoot will be arriving on other platforms earlier than expected. The N Sane Trilogy was originally slated for release on the 10th July, however a recent tweet from the official Crash Bandicoot Twitter account confirms that it will now launch two weeks earlier on 29th June, instead. Get

Doom Gets 4K Update For PS4 Pro & Xbox One X

When Doom arrived back in 2016, it was already a very good-looking game. Thanks to the latest update to the Demon slaying shooter, the game now looks even better with a 4K graphics overhaul for the Xbox One X & PS4 Pro. “Every blast of the BFG, every demon glory


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