Say Goodbye to PS3

After over 10 years on sale, Sony is ending production of PlayStation 3 units-in Japan at least. This doesn’t necessarily mean global production will cease any time soon, however. For example, while the PS3 came to Japan and North America in November 2006, it didn’t launch in Brazil until 2010,

Top 10 SNES Games

The Super Nintendo console is still considered by some to be the best Nintendo Console every released, some even go as far to say it was the best ever console released period. So sitting here and pondering if I owned one now what games would I want to play? Over

Travel Nintendo Switch DIY Dock you may need

Nintendo Switch had a pretty successful launch, many have bought and enjoyed the new console in both hand held and docked mode but there have been many complaints regarding the touchscreen sliding in to the dock to play on the TV. People have reported screen scratches and damage caused by

Overwatch XP Farming could get you banned

Some players in Overwatch are now using the custom game server browser to farm XP and Blizzard are not happy. Custom games found via the browser reward experience when you complete what ever mission you choose. So some players have been setting up skirmish games where you can safely AFK

Rocket League brings new free mode called Dropshot

Rocket League Developer Psyonix has announced it’s adding a free new mode to its popular driving game, the same day as the beginning of Rocket League’s fourth competitive season. Dropshot sees two teams battle it out in a hexagonal arena where the goal is to hit the ball downward onto

The Division Year 2 DLC Confirmed

As Tom Clancy’s The Division hits its one-year mark today, developer Massive is looking forward to what’s next for the cover-based shooter. Speaking with “Game Rant”, creative director for The Division, Julian Gerighty, announced the plan to release two free expansions for all players. “We are looking to reengage the

Outlast 2 Release Date

The Next instalment to the horror franchise Outlast has been given an official release date by developer Red Barrels. Outlast 2 will be released on April 28th for PC, PS4 & Xbox One. The original game was given extremely high reviews and positive feedback from critics. Being compared to game

FAST RMX to get first update SOON

Nintendo Switch seems to be doing well! and FAST REMIX the supersonic launch day E Shop racer already has a update coming very soon. The games developer Shin’en Multimedia have confirmed they have started work on two new modes. The game which has a feel of wipeout is the 2nd


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