Nintendo Switch Online Price and Games

Brand new Nintendo Switch continue to be teased right up to release date next month. After the launch titles were not well received a few update shave been revealed, it would seem a few big updates are on the way. New Nintendo specs have been revealed and it looks like

3 New Xbox One Backwards Compatible Games

January was a huge month for the XBOX backwards compatibility program with 15 new titles being added to the ever growing library. Now in the last few days Microsoft have added 3 new titles to the list. As announced by Major Nelson the new additions include Stuntman: Ignition, Mad trucks

Nintendo Target 2 Million Units For Switch

Nintendo have stuck the magic mark on it’s next console, the sales of the Switch in the first month are key to a successful launch. Nintendo have done the math and feel they can shift 2 million of the new Home/Handheld console due for release next month. But with some

New PS4 Update Detailed, Will Bring External HDD Support

Sony has detailed the features coming in the PlayStation 4’s next firmware update, which is codenamed “Sasuke.” Update 4.50 will introduce external hard drive support, allowing external storage that supports USB 3.0 to be recognised by the console. According to the official PlayStation Blog, hard drives of up to 8TB


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