Star Wars: Battlefront II Trailer is here

Earlier this week a teaser trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: Battlefront II leaked online, but at the Star Wars Celebration EA has revealed the real thing — and it includes quite a bit more than the leaked version The centerpiece of the trailer is the single-player campaign, which focuses

Call of Duty: WWII may be available on November 3rd

It’s not official, but the stream of rumors and indirect information point in the same direction about the next Call of Duty: WWII is back. A leaked poster on Reddit would have advanced the release of this game before any official statement: November 3rd. In addition, the retailer poster also

The Nintendo Switch has a big summer of games

Nintendo spun through plenty of games by first- and third-party publishers during its Nintendo Direct on the 12th April, but the message was clear: There are a lot of games coming to the Switch in the next few months. The rapid-fire delivery included release dates for big titles that have

Blizzard provides fresh Overwatch update

Blizzard has given Nintendo Switch fans a huge update about a potential Overwatch port. Nintendo Switch owners would love to see Overwatch join the games list, but here’s why Blizzard thinks it may never happen. Overwatch director Jeff Kaplan recently said that the company was open to a Switch port,

Sega vs Nintendo is back!

Most of us are used to hearing about Xbox One vs PS4, but there’s a retro console rivalry that’s just as interesting – the Nintendo Classic Mini vs the Sega Mega Drive Classic. After Nintendo announced it was to re-release the NES console, news came that a Sega Mega Drive

Here’s what’s inside Project Scorpio

We don’t have a name, a look at the outside of the box, or a price tag to hang on it, but we have a much better idea of what’s inside Project Scorpio following Eurogamer‘s extensive and exclusive reveal today. Put it this way, This thing is a beast. No

What we know about Middle-Earth: Shadow of War

The highly successful Shadow of Mordor has finally been given a sequel. Monolith gave us our first taste of orc-slaying badassery in late 2014 and since then, fans have been waiting for the next installment of the title. Earlier this month we got our first look at what we can


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