Pokemon Sword & Pokemon Shield announced

In today’s Nintendo Direct focused around the world of Pokemon – Nintendo showed off first details of the newest generation. In the new series, you’ll explore the expansive Galar region, which is filled with idyllic countryside and contemporary cities—vast plains and snow-covered mountains. Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are your brand

Over 100 Gen 3 Pokemon to catch in Pokemon GO

More Pokemon originally from Ruby and Sapphire have arrived in Pokemon Go. Players can now find and catch more monsters originally from the Hoenn region in the popular mobile game. In addition to the extra pocket monsters, the Legendary Pokemon Rayquaza will also be available from February 9 to March

Nintendo need Pokémon to come out on Switch this year

When it was officially confirmed that a Pokémon game for the Switch was in development, neither Nintendo nor developer Game Freak have revealed many details on the project. Without any confirmed information, it means that fans are left to speculate & hope, that Nintendo’s newest console truly delivers with what

Pikachu themed Nintendo 2DS XL Coming in January

To celebrate the release of Pokémon Crystal for the Nintendo 3DS eshop, Nintendo of Europe are releasing a Pikachu Edition of the Nintendo 2DS XL. The Pokéball 2DS XL was released worldwide along with Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon back in November. Check out the official announcement from the Nintendo

Pokemon Crystal Coming To 3DS

Nintendo brought the Pokemon second-generation titles, Gold and Silver, to the 3DS earlier this year. However, their third version, Pokemon Crystal, had not been announced for a return. Until now, as Nintendo announced this week the Game Boy Color game will join its predecessors on the 3DS Eshop next month.

Ho-Oh is available for limited time

Following the recent challenge set by Niantic, Pokémon Go players seemed ready to smash the Global Catch Challenge to get 3 billion pocket monsters. After this was achieved during early hours of Sunday morning (as promised) Niantic made region-locked Pokémon Farfetch’d available globally for two days. As it turns out,

Farfetch’d Unlocked worldwide for Pokémon GO

Over the last six days, the Pokémon Go community were give the task of catching 3 billion Pocket Monsters. Yes, three billion – a mind-boggling total. During the early hours of this morning – this total has been reached . As a result of this, Farfetch’d – one of the

Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017

Pokemon Go players, get your Pokeballs ready – the Halloween event 2017 is here, with Gen 3 pocket monsters almost upon us. Trainers will be able to catch a new selection of Gen 3 Ghost Pokemon when the big Pokemon Go Halloween update goes live later today. Niantic released a


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