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Early development Sonic R Gameplay

Early development Sonic R Gameplay

For those youngsters who never played this game, Sonic R is a racing video game published by Sega for the iconic Sega Saturn console.
Sonic R features all of the lovable characters from Sega’s previous Sonic games in a 3D racing game, including the likes of Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Sonic & more.
Despite the fan base being torn on the game with the vast majority of players being concerned at how short the game was, it is still a collectible game.
As can be seen in the video below, there is a little look at the behind the scenes creation of the game thanks to a video that has arrived online showing a very early build of the Saturn classic.

The game is slightly rough around the edges in this state, one of the biggest issues, obviously, would be the lack of …

The most valuable retro video games

The most valuable retro video games

You know what they say about games – the old ones are the best. And that’s not just because they were far more enjoyable than the likes of modern day games (i’m looking at you Call of Duty). Not only do they still work after many, many years, they can rake you in a small fortune too.
Here are some of the games that could send you on your next holiday, based on what they can currently demand on the market. Providing they are in perfect condition, of course.
T Mek (Super Nintendo) – £800

The Sega 32X, tried to extend the life of the Sega Mega Drive. This started a trend of many rare games.

X Zone (Super Nintendo) – £850


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